Winter Arrives in Westwood.

The first snowfall of winter is currently falling on the Pascack Valley, and boy is it a doozie.

Firs snowfall in Westwood (10/29/11).Break out the puffy coats and boots because huge flakes of snow are hitting the ground–and it’s sticking. 

Oh, and you might want to get the generators ready.  As of 1:40 pm today, reports of power outages across Westwood have been received.  As we all know, PSE&G sucks, and this weekend you are literally likely to be left out in the cold!!!

Residents who are still reeling from hurricane Irene are fed up with the nonsense, and traffic nightmares abound as major intersections are without power to run traffic lights.  Stay off the roads!

Snow in Westwood (10/29/11).

Snow in Westwood (10/29/11).

Snow in Westwood (10/29/11).

Snow in Westwood (10/29/11).

One response to “Winter Arrives in Westwood.

  1. Does it really surprise you that we lost power for so long again? Washington Twp resident here who happens to be grateful to own a 17.5kW generator to keep my house warm. The only problem is that fueling the thing with gasoline is getting expensive now. You cannot rely on PSEG for anything! Next winter storm I am counting on losing my electrical service from PSEG.

    It doesn’t need to be this way either. Park Ridge has their own electrical company, pays slightly higher rates but gets much better service as a result. During Irene, they only lost power for about an hour, and during this snow, about the same as well. Growing up there, I don’t recall having lost power for as much time as I have in 2 years in Washington Township. PSEG needs to get out of Westwood-Washington now!

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