Monthly Archives: September 2010

Former dump is now a money pit.

Update on Westwood’s former landfill, otherwise known as Westvale Park.  It looked more like a park less than a year ago when it had grass, a running path, and the obligatory sign pollution so prevalent in Westwood, NJ.

Now, it looks like a demolition site.  But rather, it’s a (re)work-in-progress.  Taxpayers already paid for its completion years ago, and it worked fine until our Borough Council decided to waste more taxpayer money ruining it so that it can be built again.

This time, the plans are more grandiose, and far exceed the health-care and benefits costs provided to municipal employees, or the several new cops hired over the past year, or the patronage job given to the one whose daddy agreed to settle a law suit and retire so that his son got a cushy job that he didn’t earn for himself.

No, this time, the plans include a more significant waste of taxpayer money on more crap the borough doesn’t need.  We had a park, now we have a money pit.

It was recently reported that the cost of methane gas extraction and monitoring is going to cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and will likely go on for many, many years.

Strap yourself in, this is going to to be a rough ride–for us, but not for the contractors and politicians.  They win, we lose.

Here’s how the money pit looks today:

Westwood NJ Money Pit, or Westvale Park.