Civil War Veterans

Many local men served during the Civil War in the Union Army, Company D, Twenty-second Infantry Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers. This regiment recruited in Bergen County in the summer of 1862.

Flag of the Union Army 22nd Infantry Regiment New Jersey Volunteers.

Mr. Westwood has located the graves of a number of  local Company D, Twenty-second Infantry Regiment Civil War veterans in Westwood Cemetery:

John C. Ackerson
Born ????.
Died April 11, 1893.
John C. Ackerson's grave marker.

Abraham D. Blauvelt
Born 1841.
Died 1883.
Abraham D. Blauvelt's grave marker.

John J. Blauvelt
Born ????.
Died April 22, 1911.
John J. Blauvelt's grave marker.

Lucas C. Blauvelt
Born 1844.
Died 1928.
Lucas C. Blauvelt's grave marker.

William J. Blauvelt
Born 1843.
Died 1908.
William J. Blauvelt's grave marker.

Abraham B. Bogert
Born July 9, 1847.
Died April 11, 1925 in Westwood, NJ.
Abraham B. Bogert's grave marker.

Reputed to have been the youngest member of Company D, entering service at the age of 15. Note the GAR symbol at the top left side of his grave marker. On the right side of his grave marker is the symbol of the Odd Fellows’ fraternal organization present in Westwood at the time. The three links are an allusion to its three principal tenets: Friendship, Love and Truth.

Isaac D. Bogert
Born August 25, 1834.
Died May 7, 1918.
Isaac D. Bogert's grave marker.

Westwood’s first Mayor, he deeded the parcel of land on the West side of Madison Avenue, where the bandstand is located, to the Borough of Westwood in 1894.

James M. Bogert
Born 1841.
Died 1907.
James M. Bogert's grave marker.

August M. Collignon
Born 1835.
Died 1921.
August M. Collignon's grave marker.

Nicholas Collignon
Born September 11, 1828.
Died June 25, 1878.
Nicholas Collignon's grave marker.

Thomas W. Demarest
Died December 31, 1903.
Thomas W. Demarest's grave marker.

John F. Hering
Born 1842.
Died 1911.
John F. Hering's grave marker.

Abram A. Hopper
Born 1833.
Died 1913.
Abram A. Hopper's grave marker.

David L. Lockwood
Born 1928.
Died 11/27/1919.
David L. Lockwood's grave marker.

Felix A. McCosker
Born ????.
Died ????.
Felix A. McCosker's grave marker.

Genest M. Ottignon
Born January 27, 1840.
Died November 11, 1926 in Westwood, NJ.
Genest M. Ottignon's grave marker.

Westwood’s first Fire Chief, he deeded a parcel of land on the East side of Madison Avenue, where the Train Station is located, to the Borough of Westwood in 1914.

Nicholas S. Ottignon
Born August 2, 1837.
Died July 18, 1916 in Westwood, NJ.
Nicholas S. Ottignon's grave marker.

Owen L. Rumsey
Born February 21, 1843.
Died March 24, 1891.
Owen L. Rumsey's grave marker.

Walter H. Rumsey
Born February 22, 1837.
Died March 9, 1906.
Walter H. Rumsey's grave marker.

Daniel W. Smith
Born 1843.
Died 1915.
Daniel W. Smith's grave marker.

Charles E. Van Buskirk
Born February 23, 1844.
Died October 12, 1906.
Charles E. Van Buskirk's grave marker.

William H. Van Orden
Born April 12, 1841.
Died February 9, 1913.
William H. Van Orden's grave marker.

Henry P. Westervelt
Born ????.
Died November 14, 1885.
Henry P. Westervelt's grave marker.

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  1. Thank you for posting these photos. Our family connects to several Westwood families. Collignons, Duries, Herings, and Blauvelts are in our family tree. We have included these records in our genealogy online.

  2. Edward Blauvelt


    I am SMSgt Edward Blauvelt USAF (ret). I have a facebook page about Military Blauvelt members. May I use your pictures of the Blauvelt grave stones? I would give you the byline/credit for the photos.!/pages/Military-Blauvelt/119345361444431

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Edward J Blauvelt, SMSgt, USAF (ret)

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