Pascack Valley Thunder and Lightning Storm.

Pretty crazy thunder and lightning storm moved through the Pascack Valley overnight Saturday just after midnight.  Never saw so much horizontal lightning!  Here’s a couple of photos of the action.

Horizontal lightning storm over the Pascack Valley, 4/2/2016.

Horizontal lightning storm over the Pascack Valley, 4/2/2016.

Horizontal lightning storm over the Pascack Valley, 4/2/2016.

Horizontal lightning storm over the Pascack Valley, 4/2/2016.

BEWARE of PSE&G Telephone Scammers.

There are reports this week of Pascack Valley residents receiving telephone calls from individuals purporting to offer PSE&G customers a reduced rate on energy costs through PSE&G.

The scammers ask you to get a copy of your bill and a pen and paper so that the scammer can verify your account information.

The scammers are likely using a device to hide their true phone number/location from caller ID.  One scammer phone number is reportedly “201-351-7851” out of “Hackensack, NJ.”  However, this number, when called, results in immediate disconnection.  The calls may originate out of Union City, NJ, or some other location.  Note: a reverse lookup on indicates  that this number is a Peerless Network landline from Boundbrook, NJ with a spam score of 4 out of 10.  Others across the internet are reporting this number as spam.

Reports indicate that all scammer telephone agents speak with a heavy (Asian) Indian accent.

It is unlikely that Pascack Valley residents/PSE&G customers will benefit from giving any account information to these scammers.  Proceed at your own risk.

Update 8/8/13: to avoid these calls, you may want to add the following numbers to your blocked callers list:

  • 201-351-7851
  • 862-307-7217 (a Newark, NJ #) 
  • 973-841-4145 (update 8/22/13)
  • 856-396-9202 from “Intelligent Energy” (update 8/23/13)

Westwood, NJ Architect Vincent Cioffi Found Liable of Consumer Fraud.

A proof hearing took place at the Bergen County Courthouse on March 7, 2013 in a case where architect Vincent J. Cioffi of 123 Westwood Avenue, Westwood, NJ defaulted on February 25, 2013 by failing to show up in court.  Cioffi again failed to show up in court on March 7th.

Westwood Architect Vincent Cioffi (right).

Westwood Architect Vincent Cioffi (right), courtesy of

The proofs showed that Cioffi was retained by an elderly gentleman to provide architectural services in connection with a Zoning Board Application.  The application involved the construction of a first floor half-bath to provide comfort for the gentleman’s wife, who had developed asthma and knee problems that make it difficult for her to climb stairs.  The house that the couple have lived in for the past 40 years has only one bathroom on the second floor.

The proofs reflect that Cioffi took advance payment for his services, and then, after providing some token drafting work, abruptly stopped communicating with the plaintiff.  At some point Cioffi promised to refund the plaintiff’s money and documents, but failed to do so.

The court found that Cioffi breached his contract with the plaintiff, in addition to violating the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.  The court found Cioffi liable for triple damages and costs.

Westwood, NJ Architect Vincent Cioffi Accused of Consumer Fraud.

Hackensack court records indicate that a lawsuit was filed on February 6, 2013 against architect Vincent J. Cioffi of 123 Westwood Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey. The Complaint alleges breach of contract, breach of implied at law covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and violation of New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

According to the Complaint, the complainant, a senior citizen, prepaid Cioffi money for the first phase of an architectural services project for work at his residence in November, 2012. The Complaint alleges that Cioffi subsequently failed to provide the complainant with any usable services or work product as an architect, failed to confer any benefit on complainant, and failed or refused to communicate with the complainant.

Westwood Architect Vincent Cioffi (right).

Westwood Architect Vincent Cioffi (right) & William Martin (left), courtesy of

The Complaint also alleges that Cioffi later represented to the complainant in January, 2013 that he would return the complainant’s money, but failed to do so.

The Complaint further alleges that Cioffi came recommended to the complainant by the Chairman of the Westwood Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Westwood Borough website identifies its Zoning Board Chairman as William Martin.

Court records indicate that Cioffi defaulted on February 25, 2013 by failing to show up in Court.

Vintage Masonic Medal.

New to the Westwood Memorabilia page is this vintage Masonic medal.

Vintage Masonic medal — Fulton No. 195 F&AM, Westwood, NJ, instituted May 14, 1910 (shown here with a medal dated 1912).

Vintage 1910 Masonic Medal, Westwood NJ. Vintage 1910 Masonic Medal, Westwood NJ.

Vintage 1910 Masonic Medal, Westwood NJ. Vintage 1910 Masonic Medal, Westwood NJ.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Visits Westwood Today.

Just under an hour ago, NJ Gov. Chris Christie (aka “Christie the Hutt”) departed Westwood in a State Police helicopter.  A small group of onlookers at Berkeley Field gave Christie a quiet sendoff.

Good thing Westwood has too many baseball fields.

Word on the street is that Christie was visiting Berkeley School to highlight a back-to-school strategy utilized by Westwood after last week’s big hurricane.

Below are some pictures and a video of Christie departing Berkeley Field by State Police helicopter.  They say that TV adds some weight to a person.  In this case, Christie really is that big.

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath in Westwood, NJ.

A year after our last hurricane, Sandy beat us up, ruined our Halloween, knocked out power, and caused gasoline rationing.

Of course PSE&G implemented nothing of any consequence after last year’s storm, and so power went out almost immediately for hundreds of thousands of those in NJ.

The storm was almost a week ago, and things are not even close to normal.

We were all there, but here are a few pictures of the aftermath around Westwood.


Road Rage Leads to Alleged Assault and Harassment in Westwood.

Alleged assailant.

Alleged assailant.

The man pictured here is alleged to have assaulted and harassed a motorist at the K-Mart Shopping Center on Broadway in Westwood late this morning. 

The victim alleges that the man was operating a Pensky rental truck in an unsafe manner in the K-Mart parking lot, and almost caused an accident with the victim’s car. 

The victim further alleges that the man exited the truck, approached his vehicle making threats, and ultimately slapped the victim in the face through the driver’s side window. 

The man then jumped into the Penske truck and fled the scene.  The victim followed the truck and alerted the police via cell phone.  The man led police

Alleged assailant leaving the scene.
Alleged assailant leaving the scene.

 on a chase south on Broadway, through the center of Westwood, and ultimately appeared to get lost after turning off of 1st Avenue onto Prospect.  The chase ended on Godwin Terrace in Westwood.

No fewer than four police vehicles arrived on the scene.  However, the victim states that the local police didn’t appear to do anything except speak to the alleged assailant for a moment or so. 

Alleged assailant speaks to Westwood Police.

Alleged assailant speaks to Westwood Police.

The victim feels that the local police should have done more.  “Clearly the truck has an obstructed license plate, which is easily cause for a violation.  But the police did nothing to this man who fled the scene.”   

On information and belief, another truck, pictured here, and unknown person(s) ran interference to prevent the victim from following the alleged assailant.  The license plate is Florida AZC-T05.

A call to Pensky confirmed that the alleged assailant’s truck was rented in the North Bergen area.  The license plate is New Jersey XN-183T.

Alleged conspiritor's vehicle.

Alleged conspiritor's vehicle.

The victim states that he may pursue criminal charges against the man driving the Pensky truck, but concedes that the criminal justice system is flawed.  “The kind of people you meet in the New Jersey courts–especially the judges and prosecutors–they are all corrupt.”