Modern Sights

The Bandstand
Veterans’ Memorial Park

Bandstand in Veterans' Memorial Park.

The Bandstand was dedicated on August 2, 1922. It was rehabilitated and re-dedicated on May 29, 1989 (Memorial Day), in honor of Westwood’s veterans.

World War I Memorial
Veterans’ Memorial Park

World War I memorial.Click to see a close-up of the dedication plaque.

The World War I Memorial was dedicated on Armistice Day, November 11, 1922. It is inscribed with the names of those Westwood residents who served in the armed forces of Canada and of the United States during World War I. The $800 cost of this monument was paid for by public subscription, raised by the local Woman’s Club.

World War I Trench Mortar
Veterans’ Memorial Park

World War I trench mortar.

World War I trench mortar dedication plaque.
The World War I trench mortar was presented to Westwood on September 14, 1927 by the Ralph W. Lester VFW Post No. 130. Post No. 130 is named in honor of a Westwood resident who perished in service during World War I.

Westwood Train Station

Westwood train station.

The present train station building was dedicated on November 12, 1932. Westwood assumed 90% of the construction costs, and then, on June 23, 1936, deeded the building, and a parcel of land that it stands on, to the NJ & NY Railroad Company.

Multi-War Memorial
Veterans’ Memorial Park

Multi-War Memorial.

The Multi-War Memorial was dedicated on July 4, 1967, as a tribute to Westwood residents who served in the armed forces. It enumerates those Westwood residents who perished in service during World War I, World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Multi-War Memorial.
Click to see a close-up of the dedication plaque to fallen WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam Vets.

Sept. 11 Terror Memorial
Veterans’ Memorial Park

Westwood Terror Memorial in Veterans' Memorial Park.

Dedicated May 16, 2004.
Note: Due to the insensitive nature of this exhibit by its placement in Veterans’ Memorial Park, it should not be viewed by ANYONE.

Downtown Westwood
Veterans’ Memorial Park

Downtown Westwood, NJ.

Washington Memorial Row
Corner of Irvington & Broadway:

Washington Memorial.

Washington Memorial Row dedication plaque.

Washington Memorial Row.

Bogert’s Mill
Corner of First Ave. & Mill St.

Bogert's Pond on the corner of First Ave and Mill Street.

Bogert's Mill Historical Marker.

Fireman’s Memorial
intersection of Westwood Ave. & Kinderkamack Road
Dedicated and Erected 1953

Photo of Fireman's Memorial in the Fireman's Park in Westwood.

Dedication Plaque Side 1 | Dedication Plaque Side 2

Girl Scouts of Westwood Colonial Garden
intersection of Fourth Ave. & Third Ave.

Girl Scouts of Westwood Colonial Garden.

Dedicated 1976.

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing a photo of the Bandstand. I remember playing in the Westwood H.S. Sr. Band from 1948-1954 and the whole band fit on the Bandstand. We had a wonderful Conductor, Stan Austin.

    • George Feldner

      I must have played with you in 49 and 50 but then transferred to St. Cecilia HS in Englewood. Knew Stan Austin well and wonder if you had any information to back up what I knew of him. He was one of the first people to work on marching band formations and wrote a text on it either before or after leaving Westwood HS.

  2. I love the pictures here i have a painting of the train station i did this year would you like a picture of it for your page i am going to be painting more westwood land marks let me know

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