World War I Veterans

Many Westwood residents served in the armed forces during World War I. Three of these men made the ultimate sacrifice. One is:

Ralph W. Lester
(U. S. Army)
Died 1918.Ralph W. Lester Post 130 VFW.-286 Fairview Avenue-
building gone as of 2008

The Ralph W. Lester VFW Post No. 130 is named for this Westwood resident who was killed in action in September of 1918 when a shell burst near him. His body was never found.

 Mr. Westwood has located the graves of the remaining two Westwood World War I servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice. They are buried in Westwood Cemetery. They are:

Clarence M. Staples
(Canadian Forces) 
Born 1900, died 1919.
Clarence Staples' grave marker.

John A. Wiget
(U. S. Navy)
Born 1895, died 1919.

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