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Protest in Trenton against NJ governor fool Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy the retard has a mutiny on his hands. His covid19 response orders hold no weight of law. He has no right to restrict free movement or free market enterprise. NJ is open for business as always. The people will no longer voluntarily comply with the idiotic and unconstitutional totalitarian shutdown. Use your rights or lose them!!

Roger Stone did nothing wrong and Amy Berman Jackson is a scumbag traitor

Roger Stone did nothing wrong and Amy Berman Jackson should be executed by America for treason.

Pedogate 2020: how Google and YouTube promote pedophilia

Wow, take a short dive into a deep rabbit hole.

Of course the tech tyrants at YouTube censored the above video off their platform. You can still see it on free speech platforms like Bitchute or Brighteon.

This pedophile vermin is EVERYWHERE in society and in government. Here is a smattering of recent pedo busts in the news:

Idiot NJ governor Phil Murphy admits to violating oath of office and US Constitution over COVID response

This loser Phil Murphy admitted to Tucker Carlson that he violated the US Constitution with his COVID19 Chinese flu response orders. Murphy’s orders do not hold the weight of law, and are admittedly unconstitutional.

You are under zero obligation to follow any of Phil Murphy’s orders. He has no authority to require you to stay home or to cover your face. ZERO AUTHORITY.

In a free market economy, EVERY business is essential. Open your business, NOBODY can tell you not to open.

NJ governor Phil Murphy is a criminal fraud. He should be immediately locked up for official misconduct related to violating his oath of office and the US Constitution, and he should be removed as the governor. He looks like a pedophile too.

Watch the full interview here:

Fake news false flag COVID19 pandemic easily cured in 12 hours with hydroxychloroquine and zinc

Let’s remember folks: the coronavirus is one of the most common causes of disease in humans. When most of us get the flu, we just ride it out. This flu virus is no different. But if you really need a treatment that works, hydroxychloroquine and zinc will cure you within 12 hours. Here’s how it works:

The COVID19 novel coronavirus globalist END GAME exposed.

Now that you are a compliant population of slaves, the holocough will guarantee the erosion of all of your freedoms. Your enslavement is secured.

Scumbag YouTube traitors censored the above video from their platform, so it is mirrored below. FUCK YOUTUBE censorship. Bypass the censors and share this link.

The fake news media is the virus.

The real enemy of the people is the US mainstream (fake news) media. If you haven’t learned that by now, please wake up. The media lies and intentionally manipulates public attention and opinion. Don’t believe anything the media tells you on its face. Do your own research!

The fake news media is the real virus and enemy.
The fake news media is the virus and the enemy.

Of course, maybe Bill Gates takes a close second. Because, without the fake news mainstream media running interference, this criminal wouldn’t get away with it.

Bill Gates knows all about COVID19.

Fauci and Birx both have big-money Bill Gates conflicts of interest.