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Negro Scum Kills White Guy in NJ and Nobody Notices.

There is no justice in this country, especially for the white man murdered in a racial attack. The murdering negro scum should die at the hands of an angry mob.

NJ Gov Phil Murphy is a Scumbag Traitor.

NJ governor Phil Murphy is a scumbag traitor using taxpayer money to defend illegal aliens fighting deportation.

Fuck them both. Deport Phil Murphy and every dirtbag criminal illegal in our country. We don’t want illegal scum in our country. GTFO!!! MAGA!!!

Westwood a no-show for heavy afternoon snow.

It was no surprise that there would be heavy snow this afternoon. Indeed, between 3 and 5pm today, a few inches of snow has already fallen.

Yet, the Borough of Westwood seems to be caught completely off-guard. There’s no brine, no plows, and no salt. The traffic is a mess through the borough, as deep snow on our roads is making for a slow and treacherous commute.

Why isn’t Westwood responding to the massive amounts of snow during rush hour today?

Update 6:20 pm: Police are blocking Kinderkamack Road heading south at intersection with Old Hook Road. Still no plows. The dirty little secret is that there’s no reason to close the road!!! Watch below.

Kavanaugh Confirmed, Leftist Losers Fuck Themselves, America Still Winning.

We #believetheevidence, not the lying accuser.

Phil Murphy Staffer Neomi Velazquez is on the Wrong Side of the Wall.

Neomi Velazquez is a disgusting pig who should GTFO of this great country. We don’t want this ignorant loser here. Look at this ugly sack of crap:

Austin Powers would have a fit. “That’s no woman. That’s a man, baby!!”

She/it doesn’t like President Trump or his supporters. Well, we say she/it should go fuck herself/itself. There’s plenty of room for Jabba the Hutt Velazquez on the other side of the wall with her criminal scum compadres. Take a long walk off that short wall, you asshole. The red wave is here, and you don’t look like you could swim to save your life you fat slug.

Read more about this dumb bitch here.

Bergen County Buffoons Sabotage Westwood Traffic with Unauthorized Work.

It’s bad enough that County buffoons came into Westwood the other day and leaked tar from a truck all over Kinderkamack Road. You can still see the dirty stains on the roads, and probably a lot of it is stuck to the underside of your car.

But today’s shenanigans takes the cake. This morning, for more than an hour, at least two County road trucks were parked at the intersection of Old Hook and Kinderkamack Roads. There was nobody directing traffic, no cones or safety devices, just large trucks blocking the busiest intersection in Westwood during a peak time of day!! This work in this unsafe manner is surely NOT AUTHORIZED.

We’ve never seen such a dangerous traffic situation handled with such a casual lack of concern.

The fools bailed from the scene once our reporter’s camera started rolling. See for yourself:


by Guggenheim.

The attraction of living in a community such as Westwood is a comprehensive zoning plan that allocates various uses to specific sections of town. For example, certain parts of town are allocated for industrial use, other parts for retail use, other parts for office use, other parts for medium density residential use, and other parts for single family residential use. The allocation of uses to the various sections of town enhances Westwood’s charm and stabilizes its real estate values.

Westwood's zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

Westwood’s zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

Westwood permits home based businesses in its single family residential zones, but such businesses are restricted to virtual office use. Observable business activity in a single family residential zone is unlawful under Westwood’s zoning plan.

A bizarre zoning violation has prevailed unchecked of late at 30 Roosevelt Avenue. Roosevelt Avenue is zoned for single family residential use. The avenue is nicely appointed with concrete curbs and sidewalks. Yet the owners of 30 Roosevelt have allowed a landscape company to use their property, and the street in front of their house, as a maintenance and storage facility.

Westwood's zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

Westwood’s zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

Residents report that the landscapers frequently jack up large lawn mowers in the street in front of 30 Roosevelt, where they perform oil changes, lube jobs, tire inflations, fueling, and blade removals.

The removed blades are taken to the rear of 30 Roosevelt, where they are sharpened and balanced, and then returned to the street in front of 30 Roosevelt and re-installed on the lawn mowers.

Westwood's zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

Westwood’s zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

The landscapers also wash their lawn mowers on the front lawn of 30 Roosevelt or in the driveway.

The floor jack used to jack up the lawn mowers, the oil drain pan used to capture the used oil from the lawn mowers, the air compressor used to inflate the tires, and the bench grinder used to sharpen the blades, are all stored at 30 Roosevelt. The landscapers have also stored some of their landscaping equipment at 30 Roosevelt, and visit the property periodically to pick up and drop off equipment.

Property records identify the owners of 30 Roosevelt Avenue as Matthew Ell and Carolina Beita-Ell. The lettering on the landscape company truck reads: “Marvani Landscaping.”

Westwood's zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

Westwood’s zoning officer is complicit with obvious zoning violations.

The landscapers do not reside at 30 Roosevelt. It is unknown where they park their truck and trailer overnight, and why they are not conducting their maintenance and storage at the same location that they park their truck and trailer.

Sack of Crap Roy F. McGeady P.J.M.C. Retired!?

Developing story: Bergen County Central Municipal Court judge Roy F. McGeady P.J.M.C. appears to have retired.

Dirty Roy F. McGeady

Dirty Roy F. McGeady

This sack of garbage is known as the Bergen County “fixer” because any case involving municipal employees, cops, judges, and attorneys were sent to his court, where he would make it go away.

All this, while the ACJC and the rest of the judiciary actively ran interference on his behalf, making sure no complaints against McGeady ever saw the light of day.

On information and belief, there are still a number of unresolved judicial complaints against piece of shit Roy F. McGeady, which have been conveniently swept under the rug by the ACJC.

Since the ACJC’s sole unspoken mission is to run interference on judicial complaints, it’s not worth the time to pursue any of the unresolved complaints that have been filed. The ACJC is a corrupt joke of an institution that only pays lip service to its mission to police the judiciary.

Let’s be clear, Roy F. McGeady has numerous allegations of criminal and ethical misconduct against him that have been totally subverted by the ACJC AND THE JUDICIARY. Corruption in the Bergen County judiciary, and beyond, is rampant.

Nevertheless, a new Bergen County Central Municipal Court fixer has been named, and the old fixer McGeady is gone!!

YAY, that sick fuck can go rot in retirement. The next celebration will be when that piece of garbage croaks.

If there’s any justice in life, dickhead Roy McGeady will have a slow, painful, debilitating demise. Either breast cancer and/or ass cancer might be appropriate for old Roy.

We will keep an eye out for news about that loser until the day he croaks. Good riddance to that asshole!!