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Who Cares About Confederate Statues When Slaveholders are on Your Money?

Here’s some shocking news for all you idiots who want to rewrite history by removing Confederate statues: George Washington was a slaveholder for 56 years!!!

So yeah, guessing that you will want to get rid of all those dollars and quarters with Washington’s portrait on them, won’t you?

Confederate flag.Oh wait, throw away those twenty dollar bills too.  Andrew Jackson was a slaveholder!!!

Slavery is part of US history that you can’t rewrite or hide from, no matter how many monuments you tear down and destroy.

So go ahead, throw your money away.  White men will make more.

George Orwell - 1984.

NJ Criminal Alien Deported–Who Cares?

Don’t you just love how The Record reports this story, replete with touching pictures of the man and his family? The real story is that nobody is losing sleep over the deportation of an illegal alien living in our midst.  This guy, and the rest of the illegal aliens are criminals just for being in this country.  They should all GTFO!!!   FINALLY, we have a president who has the balls to enforce this country’s existing immigration laws.

Hey Lopez, take your fuckin’ family with you.  Let them be a criminal burden on Guatemala for a few decades.  BYE FELICIA!!!  Hahaha–WINNING!!!

NJ Criminal Alien Deported

Jose Estrada Lopez, escorted by ICE agents, says goodbye to his children before boarding his plane at Newark Liberty Airport. (Photo: Marko Georgiev/ BYE FELICIA!!!