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Local businesses are committing suicide

Tried to hit up Harmon’s and K-Mart for the first time in a few weeks the other morning around 9am. Weekday, at 9am, BOTH stores should be open for business.

Employees were inside both stores, but the stores weren’t open!! Harmon opens at 10am and K-Mart at 11am!! On a weekday. Wtf? Employees getting paid to sit around in a closed, empty store, with pocket cash ready to spend. They probably taking stimulus money to pay their employees while the store remains closed at normal business hours. Ponderous.

Worse yet, many stores just shut down completely 7 weeks ago!! Try to get Chinese takeout in the Pascack Valley. You got that one shit place in Emerson that looks like it might have reopened recently. Crap parking right there, not sure about the food. If you’re jonesin, hit up Chen’s Yummy House in Dumont. They rock, and they’re open!!

So yeah, all you morons who closed down your businesses, wtf are you thinking? Get back to fucking work you assholes. The fucking flu is nothing new. Don’t you remember all the other scam flus the fake news pulled on you? Oy, you idiots need to do some research. You real dumb. You keep following the fake news narrative.

In short, the fake news flu bullshit is over. It’s over. Take the fag rag masks off your dumb faces, and get back to fucking work. Or don’t. It’s your choice to live in fear. Don’t let the mainstream media make the choice for you. The flu is a part of life. Act like you remember that fact.

Oh, and that pocket money got spent at the big box store who offered bulk supplies, at a better price, with free shipping, all ordered as easy as pie. You shoulda kept your stores open, local businesses. You’re basically proving yourselves to be nonessential. So long. It was nice while it lasted.

UPDATE 5/21: as the COVID19 hoax winds down, looks like New Jade and Peking House in Hillsdale are open for take-out.

PSE&G Sucks.

Luckily, the regional headquarters of has been replete with electricity for the duration, and aftermath, of hurricane Irene.  However, as early as 8am this morning, numerous neighborhoods throughout Westwood, and throughout the Pascack Valley, have experienced extended electricity outages.

This sent many people in low-lying areas scrambling for generators to power the sump pumps to keep their homes from flooding.  Eleven hours later, electricity still has not been restored.

There were no significant reports of high winds in the region overnight, yet PSE&G couldn’t do the most important thing it is charged with doing–keep the electricity flowing.

Do you live in a neighborhood which lost power today?  Does your neighborhood have those useless solar panels flying high on the poles?  We had a sunny afternoon in Westwood.  Why wasn’t the solar panel sending power to your home?  Because PSE&G’s solar panels do nothing.

For all of you who fell prey to PSE&G’s public disservice today, we will use a bit of our own electricity to send out a message on your behalf:


Leaf Blower Nuisance.

Dust cloud in downtown Westwood from gas-powered leaf blowers.

Dust cloud in downtown Westwood from gas-powered leaf blowers.

Recently, an insightful Hillsdale woman wrote a letter to the editor of one of those free so-called newspapers that litter our driveways on a weekly basis.  Her letter addresses the noise, smell, and dust created by those terrorist pollution machines generally referred to as gas-powered leaf blowers.  These machines terrorize us in a number of ways: they are responsible for a significant amount of noise pollution and air pollution, and they run on nonrenewable fossil fuel (overpriced gasoline).

If you’ve ever been on a walk or a ride past an area where one of these machines is operating, then you likely noticed the dust storm created in the area, as well as the excessive noise and emissions smell.  You better have something nearby to protect your mouth, nose, and eyes!

Dust cloud in downtown Westwood from gas-powered leaf blowers.

Dust cloud in downtown Westwood from gas-powered leaf blowers.

It is interesting to note that many people who use these machines don’t even wear protective equipment.  Sometimes you see hearing protection being used, but rarely do you see protection for the mouth or nose.  Yikes!

The Pascack Valley needs to take a stand against these gas-powered leaf blower terrorist machines.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a lot more:

Now let’s be clear about one important thing: nothing above is meant to criticize the young gentlemen operating the machines.  They are working hard, and you gotta do what you gotta do to make a living.  However, the people at the top who are calling the shots should be aware of the impact of their decisions on the environment and on the health and the quality of life of both occupational and non-occupational receptors.

by Mr. Westwood