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Illegal aliens accused of child rape flee after being freed by NJ and NY sanctuary city traitors.

Dangerous illegal aliens are on the loose in NJ and NY. Let’s find these fuckers and bring them to swift justice.

Also, the traitors in sanctuary cities in Vineland, NJ and in Westchester County, NY all should be arrested for treason, convicted, and hanged in public as an example.

The illegal pedophile rapists are Luciano Trejo-Dominguez, a Mexican, and Joaquin Rodriguez Quiroz, obviously another dirty spic.

These men are dangerous and should be treated with deadly force during any encounter. Indeed, these two men should be killed on sight. Hopefully an angry mob will find these two illegal scumbags first and end their lives swiftly and painfully.

Be on the lookout for these, and all other vermin illegals, and if you find them, call ICE at 1-866-DHS-2ICE.

ICE Arrests 105 in New Jersey Operation Targeting Criminal Aliens.

You gotta love the agents of ICE doing something, anything to keep us safe from the illegal scum trash who use NJ for sanctuary.

This is in contrast to the traitors in Trenton who want to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, or the criminal traitors at the Middlesex County jail who refused to honor a federal detainer request for a criminal alien who was released to then commit a triple homocide in Missouri.

Fucking scumbag Middlesex sanctuary assholes caused the murder of three American citizens. Those responsible should be arrested for treason, tried, convicted, and hanged to death in a public square. Piece of shit assholes.

Fuck you, Middlesex and every other illegal alien sanctuary in New Jersey. We will root out the illegal scum and the government traitors from every corner of this country! MAGA!!

Negro Scum Kills White Guy in NJ and Nobody Notices.

There is no justice in this country, especially for the white man murdered in a racial attack. The murdering negro scum should die at the hands of an angry mob.

NJ Gov Phil Murphy is a Scumbag Traitor.

NJ governor Phil Murphy is a scumbag traitor using taxpayer money to defend illegal aliens fighting deportation.

Fuck them both. Deport Phil Murphy and every dirtbag criminal illegal in our country. We don’t want illegal scum in our country. GTFO!!! MAGA!!!

Phil Murphy Staffer Neomi Velazquez is on the Wrong Side of the Wall.

Neomi Velazquez is a disgusting pig who should GTFO of this great country. We don’t want this ignorant loser here. Look at this ugly sack of crap:

Austin Powers would have a fit. “That’s no woman. That’s a man, baby!!”

She/it doesn’t like President Trump or his supporters. Well, we say she/it should go fuck herself/itself. There’s plenty of room for Jabba the Hutt Velazquez on the other side of the wall with her criminal scum compadres. Take a long walk off that short wall, you asshole. The red wave is here, and you don’t look like you could swim to save your life you fat slug.

Read more about this dumb bitch here.

New Jersey Public Schools No Longer Believe in Two Genders or Science.

Humans have only two biological genders, male and female, the code for which is written into the very fabric of your DNA in every cell in your body. No matter what mental illness or sexual perversion you have, no matter how badly you mutilate your body with hormones and surgery, you will NEVER be able to change your gender. That’s a scientific fact.

However, the sick, twisted, leftist, science-hating, ignorant retards running your public schools have replaced science with mental illness. Take a look at the standard online application for employment used by many public schools in New Jersey.

WTF is gender X? WTF is gender X?

What the fuck is gender “X”?  THERE IS NO SUCH THING.  But in the creepy leftist mind who wants to groom your children into accepting mental illness and sexual perversion, this fantasy is real.  Worse yet, the New Jersey legislature has promulgated guidelines to force schools to buy in to the mental illness.  These people are sick.

New Jersey wants to hire mentally ill teachers with sick sexual perversions to force future generations of students to believe someone else’s delusion is normal and acceptable.  Absolutely sick.

Update 11/22/18: Take a look into what the pedophiles in charge have in store for your children.

WATCH OUT, Sick Pervert NJ Troopers Joseph Drew and Andrew Whitmore Are Still on Active Duty.

Sick pervert NJ troopers Joseph Drew and Andrew Whitmore were caught on body cam engaging in a public hands-on search of a man’s genitals and anus because they thought he smelled like marijuana.

The incompetent morons found nothing.

NJ troopers Joseph Drew and Andrew Whitmore are two sick, perverted bullies. They should be immediately terminated, permanently barred from public employment, and thrown into prison where their feminine little asses can be lubed up and buttfucked until they pass out, daily, for the rest of their pathetic shitty little lives.

These two shithead troopers are apparently still on active duty. Fuck those two little piggies.

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USR Municipal Court Judge Harry D. Norton, Jr. is a swamp miscreant that must be drained.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

We have been following the activities of Upper Saddle River municipal court judge Harry D. Norton, Jr. for more than a year.

On information and belief, Harry D. Norton, Jr. is complicit in the USR Police Department’s targeting of Jews.

On information and belief, Harry D. Norton, Jr has at least three Judicial Ethics Complaints filed against him during this time.

On information and belief, Harry D. Norton, Jr. engages in unethical practices as a judge and has refused to recuse himself from a case in which the defendant filed numerous ethics charges against Norton.

But the information we gathered today clearly demonstrates that Harry D. Norton, Jr. has lied in order to orchestrate the disadvantage of a defendant in Upper Saddle River Municipal Court. Norton did this to retaliate against the defendant who filed at least three Judicial Ethics Violations with the ACJC (the entity that runs interference on judicial complaints).

This significant ethics violation occurred when the prosecutor objected to evidence the defendant/victim was attempting to introduce at trial, which was not previously provided to the prosecutor. The defendant’s position was that the prosecutor never made a discovery request.

Harry D. Norton told the defendant that the information could not be introduced because the prosecutor doesn’t have to make a discovery request. The defendant vehemently objected to Norton’s characterization of discovery. Harry D. Norton refused to allow the evidence to be admitted, even though it was to impeach the testimony of the officer. This was part of a plan to orchestrate the defendant’s disadvantage in the case–and it worked.

It turns out that moron judge Harry D. Norton is an incompetent liar, or an unethical liar–or both. Court Rule 7:7-7(c) clearly states that:

Discovery by the State. In all cases, the municipal prosecutor or the private prosecutor in a cross complaint case, on written notice to the defendant, shall be provided with copies of all relevant material…(emphasis added)

So, there you have it, Harry D. Norton, Jr. is too stupid to know a basic rule of discovery. No, stupidity is not it. Our evidence proves that Harry D. Norton, Jr. is an unethical scumbag piece of shit, a piece of human garbage and a waste of skin. He is the sludge in a swamp that desperately needs to be drained. He is a judicial terrorist who must be removed from the bench and barred from public employment forever. Norton is a dirty judge, plain and simple.

One must not do business, legal or otherwise, with a liar like Harry D. Norton, Jr, because truth is the ultimate defense, and with a liar like Norton, there is no defense.

Now, this law firm of losers apparently counts the unethical cretin Harry D. Norton, Jr. among its litigation team. Stay far away from anybody who would hire an unethical scumbag like Harry D. Norton, Jr. Apparently, Norton, Murphy, Sheehy & Corrubia, P.C., with addresses in Woodland Park and Montvale, NJ, hire unethical legal professionals to be on its staff.

Details of many more unethical activities by Harry D. Norton, Jr. of the Upper Saddle River Municipal Court to follow.