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Super retard wins Time puppet of the year.

Whatever, you retarded puppet.

Greta Thunberg, Time’s retarded puppet of the year.

Democrat traitor Jerry Nadler is interrupted during shampeachment by Owen Shroyer of InfoWars.

InfoWars’ Owen Shroyer is an American hero. Please support

Another scumbag muzzie terrorist successfully carries out deadly attack on US soil.

Why are we still letting any muslim vermin into our country? Actually, it’s a coordinated effort by the globalists to flood our country with foreigners to replace whites and collapse the US and eradicate our sovereignty.

Anyhoo, this scumbag muslim Mohammed (whatever the faggot’s name is) took the dick out of his mouth and murdered six US military members in Pensacola, Fl. Several of his buddies filmed this terrorist attack as it happened.

What’s that? The mainstream media isn’t reporting about this? Yeah, that’s probably because orange man is still bad. But if you can get your head out of your ass and seek out some real news, you would learn that we are still letting this muzzie vermin into our country 19 years after 9/11. This is fucking cultural suicide. Goodbye America.

Top Mueller witness and convicted child molester indicted for funneling foreign money to Clinton, Schiff, and other top Senate Democrats.

The mainstream media won’t report on this because they only want you to hear about the shampeachment and orange man bad. You’re an idiot if you have paid any attention to that crap.

Here’s the real news: on Friday, Bill Barr indicted eight for illegally funneling foreign money to top Senate Democrats including Crooked Hillary Clinton and the seditious pencilneck Adam Schiff, two evil scumbag fucks.

The mainstream media won’t report on this, because they are deep-state Democrat-controlled propaganda.

You’re an idiot if you pay any attention to mainstream media. They are lying to you every minute of every day, and they don’t care what damage they do to this country. They are truly the enemy of the people and deserve all the bad karma they have earned.

Fauxahontas Elizabeth Warren is an admitted liar, can you trust her apology?

No, no you can’t.

MAGA 4EVA—Lowest unemployment in 50 years.

Imaginary recession over, lowest unemployment in half a century under Trump economy. Imagine what we could do if the Dems weren’t obstructing our government.

Suck it, America-hating liberals. Fuck you and the shampeachment, which is summarized quite succinctly here:

Shampeachment summarized as unsubstantiated claims made by hearsay witnesses.
Shampeachment summarized as unsubstantiated claims made by hearsay witnesses.

The Dems have guaranteed four more years of Trump. It will take all the foreigner illegal voters and election meddling they can muster to get a Dem elected to the presidency for a long time to come.

Stop using google, it sucks ass.

Election interference, censorship, closely working with communist governments, treason. There are so many reasons not to use google. Find out how google broke its own search engine.

Google offers censorship and paid links.
Google offers censorship and paid links.

Instead of crappy google, try a free speech alternative search engine like

DuckDuckGo, a pretty good free speech search engine.
DuckDuckGo, a pretty good free speech search engine.

Scumbag traitor cops violate Jersey man’s constitutional rights.

Because some sissy attorney named James Maggs felt “alarmed” by another man, the cops get to steal the man’s guns and ammo. What a buncha fucking assholes who get to violate your constitutional rights because someone has hurt feelings.

And the cultural suicide of America continues…

The lesson of this story is: don’t sue people; just get even, any way that suits you. The law is not there to help you. The only way to get justice when you have been wronged is to go out there and get justice for yourself.