Classic Images

Westwood Ave. – Early 1900’s

 Westwood Ave. - Early 1900's.

Bogert’s Pond – Early 1900’s

 Bogert's Pond - Early 1900's.

Original Odd Fellows’ Hall – Early 1900’s

 Original Odd Fellows' Hall - Early 1900's.

Huber’s Park Hotel – Early 1900’s

 Huber's Park Hotel - Early 1900's.
 Huber's Park Hotel - Early 1900's.

Harrington Avenue – Early 1900’s

Harrington Avenue - Early 1900's.

Horn’s Bakery – Early 1900’s

Horn's Bakery - Early 1900's. 

Former Horn’s Bakery Site (see above) – 2008

Horn's Bakery Site - 2008.

Yates Mill – 1904

Yates Mill - 1904.

Calvary Baptist Church – 1906

Calvary Baptist Church - 1906.

Westwood Ave. – 1906

Westwood Ave. - 1906.

Lincoln School – 1906

Lincoln School - 1906.

Washington Square – 1907

Washington Square - 1907.

Original Train Station – 1907

Original Train Station - 1907.

Odd Fellows’ Hall – 1908

Odd Fellows' Hall - 1908.

Westwood Avenue – circa 1910

Westwood Avenue - circa 1910.

First National Bank – 1910

First National Bank - 1910.

Reformed Church – 1910

Reformed Church - 1910.

Third Ave. – 1911

Third Ave. - 1911.

Bogert’s Pond & Mill – 1911

Bogert's Pond & Mill - 1911.

Mannion House, Center Avenue – 1911

Mannion House, Center Avenue - 1911.

Fairview Ave. – 1914

Fairview Ave. - 1914.

Continental Hook & Ladder Company – 1914

Continental Hook & Ladder Company - 1914.

Yates Bridge – 1917

Yates Bridge - 1917.

Bogert’s Dam – 1920’s

Bogert's Dam - 1920's.

Main Street – 1923

Main Street - 1923.

Terrace Drive – 1928

TerraceDrive - 1928.

Erie Depot (Train Station) – 1938

Erie Depot (Train Station) - 1938.

Five Corners – 1950

Five Corners - 1950.

Washington Ave. – 1956

Washington Ave. - 1956.

Westwood Borough Hall – 1957

Westwood Borough Hall - 1957.

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  1. [Joseph A. ] Horn’s bakery is located at present day 57 Washington Avenue, Westwood. According to local history materials in the Westwood Public Library, the bakery was established in the spring of 1898. At the turn of the 20th century it was also a center of information and finance: From 1901 to 1902 a free traveling library was located there; in 1903 a branch of the People’s Bank of Hackensack existed there.

    • Good Morning! I believe my family just purchased a house that Joseph A. Horn and Family built in Westwood and resided in. I would like to find out more about this family and if this, was in fact, their bakery. If so, I would like a copy of the photo of the bakery to hang inside the house. Any guidance on how I can find more information and get a copy would be appreciated.

  2. I am doing research on the Odd Fellow lodges of New Jersey and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if the building pictured in the postcard above is still standing and if so, what is the building’s address and what is it used for currently. So far the only particulars that have been uncovered is that Westwood Lodge # 104 was the second lodge to have that number. The first 104 was located in Manhawken and was listed as defunct in 1865, The Westwood lodge was listed in a national listing of odd fellow lodges. If anyone can provide any additional information it would be most appreciated. Thank you. Rob Dishon.

  3. Building in postcard picture is no longer standing. Formerly stood at NE corner of Center and Jefferson avenues. Has been parking lot for decades. It was third Odd Fellows Hall in Westwood, opening on January 31, 1900. First Odd Fellows Hall in Westwood was at address now known as 313 Broadway, Westwood. It opened on March 14, 1884. Building is still standing. Second Odd Fellows Hall in Westwood was on second floor of building at NW corner of Center and Westwood avenues.It opened c. March 26, 1897. I don’t think building is still standing. One story CVS store occupies that corner now. See Westwood Time Line Westwood, N.J. 1861-1905, available in Westwood Public Library for more details on Westwood Odd Fellows.

  4. Bill Bergen is correct. A building was recently constructed on part of the postcard picture site. The present building is known as 54-58 Jefferson Ave. The westerly part of the building is on the postcard picture site, as is some of the landscaping. There is also a paved parking area behind the building.

  5. Does anyone how I can get hold of more recent pictures of Westwood? I would love to see what the town looked like in the 1960’s and 70’s for a St. Patrick’s Day party I’m going to. There will be more than a dozen people there who grew up in Westwood during that time and would LOVE to see the old stores like Woolworth’s, Shop Rite, etc.


    • Hi

      I grew up in Westwood during that time and was wondering if you ever found any pictures? I remember a wonderful 75th anniversary party for the town, but don’t see any mention of it. Thanks

  6. Hello! I am wondering if you have any black and white images I may use to illustrate an editorial one pager on “Growing up in Westwood during world war 2”. I am looking for a simple black and white that is taken in the town of we stood, NJ. If you have any thing we can use, we would credit you and the photographer/owner.
    Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Heidi Gross, Publisher Autumn Years magazine

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