Aaron Turse

Aaron Turse - Westwood, NJ.

Aaron Turse (Tuers); photo courtesy of the Turse family and touched-up by Mr. Westwood.

Jim Turse, great-grandson of Westwood’s Aaron Turse, sent Mr. Westwood this picture.  Most readers won’t recognize the name or picture of Aaron Turse, but this man did much to support the borough of Westwood in its early days.  Aaron Turse was one of Westwood’s first pair of marshalls, and was a member of Westwood’s first board of education.  He was also appointed borough poormaster, was a member of the Westwood volunteer fire department, and was a member of the Odd Fellow’s fraternal organization present in Westwood at the time.  For references to Aaron Turse on this site, see Westwood in 1894 entries for August 3rd, September 7th, and November 2nd.

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  1. see thats a real citizen we need more like him now a days

  2. It’s interesting to see photographs of Aaron Turse (1854-1934). Mr. Turse received more media attention than most during Westwood’s first ten years as a Borough (1894-1904). I even found one newspaper reference circa 1873-1874 which indicated that he was working in Genest Ottignon’s livery stable (just south of Van Emburgh & Bogert’s lumber yard).

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