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Fluoride, a neurotoxin and poison, is in your water.

Fluoride has been linked to reduced IQ’s in children. This information is nothing new. It has been known for more than half a century. An oft-cited research is the Harvard fluoride study of 2012. Read the original study here. There are MANY prior studies about the harmful effects of fluoride.

Why do we put fluoride in our water? At best it is involuntary medication of the masses; at worst it’s chemical warfare.

Fluoride has many harmful effects on the body, including the thyroid gland.

Start your research with the fluoride deception.

Then see where your search takes you. If you want to skip right to the answer, the fluoride in our water is an industrial waste.

But, don’t take our word for it, do your own research. Then get on the bandwagon to stop fluoridation of public water supplies. Stop the nonconsensual poisoning of the population.

When you’re ready, you can look at water filters that can remove the fluoride from your tap water. Don’t drink fluoridated water, and don’t expose your children to it.