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Sack of Crap Roy F. McGeady P.J.M.C. Retired!?

Developing story: Bergen County Central Municipal Court judge Roy F. McGeady P.J.M.C. appears to have retired.

Dirty Roy F. McGeady

Dirty Roy F. McGeady

This sack of garbage is known as the Bergen County “fixer” because any case involving municipal employees, cops, judges, and attorneys were sent to his court, where he would make it go away.

All this, while the ACJC and the rest of the judiciary actively ran interference on his behalf, making sure no complaints against McGeady ever saw the light of day.

On information and belief, there are still a number of unresolved judicial complaints against piece of shit Roy F. McGeady, which have been conveniently swept under the rug by the ACJC.

Since the ACJC’s sole unspoken mission is to run interference on judicial complaints, it’s not worth the time to pursue any of the unresolved complaints that have been filed. The ACJC is a corrupt joke of an institution that only pays lip service to its mission to police the judiciary.

Let’s be clear, Roy F. McGeady has numerous allegations of criminal and ethical misconduct against him that have been totally subverted by the ACJC AND THE JUDICIARY. Corruption in the Bergen County judiciary, and beyond, is rampant.

Nevertheless, a new Bergen County Central Municipal Court fixer has been named, and the old fixer McGeady is gone!!

YAY, that sick fuck can go rot in retirement. The next celebration will be when that piece of garbage croaks.

If there’s any justice in life, dickhead Roy McGeady will have a slow, painful, debilitating demise. Either breast cancer and/or ass cancer might be appropriate for old Roy.

We will keep an eye out for news about that loser until the day he croaks. Good riddance to that asshole!!