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Reverse 911: Right vs. Wrong.

The right way to do Reverse 911:

  • contract with a reputable and FREE service like;
  • solicit interested residents to sign up for free;
  • issue alerts, as necessary, to those who register;
  • congratulate yourself on a no-brainer decision.

The Westwood, NJ  way (aka the “Wrong Way”) to do Reverse 911:

  • waste countless hours investigating a contract with C3 to provide Reverse 911 service;
  • waste tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to contract with C3;
  • demonstrate your ignorance and generate ill-will by issuing frivolous and harassing alerts to all residents, even those not interested in being included, simply to justify the huge expense;
  • feel like a dumbass for being a dumbass.

Yup, the Westwood way is much better!  ; )


How to Block Harassing Reverse 911 Calls.

Perhaps you have an unlisted phone number and were surprised to find out that Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911 called you anyway.

Perhaps you were asleep at 1:10 am on 8/23/10 when Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911 woke you and your family with a phone call to say that it was raining heavily and that, guess what, areas prone to flooding were likely to flood!

Perhaps the idea of the waste of taxpayer money on unnecessary services such as a phone call from Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911 just really pisses you off.

Whatever your reason, here’s how to stop the harassing reverse 911 calls.  Most phone services offer to block incoming phone calls from specific numbers for free.  In this age of digital communication, the consumer often gets direct control over this action without a middle-man.  The following describes how to block unwanted phone calls using Cablevision’s Optimum Voice interface.

First, log in to your Optimum Voice account.

Next, select the tab marked “Features > Block Unwanted Calls.”

Block Reverse 911 Calls.

At the bottom of the “Block Unwanted Calls” page, you will find a place to input specific phone numbers to block.

Block Reverse 911 Calls.

If you wanted to block Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911, for instance, you would enter (201) 403-9565.  Update 10/31/2012: new Reverse-911 number is 973-718-7763.

Hit the “Submit” button at the bottom to confirm changes, and you are done.  No more harassing phone calls.

Former dump is now a money pit.

Update on Westwood’s former landfill, otherwise known as Westvale Park.  It looked more like a park less than a year ago when it had grass, a running path, and the obligatory sign pollution so prevalent in Westwood, NJ.

Now, it looks like a demolition site.  But rather, it’s a (re)work-in-progress.  Taxpayers already paid for its completion years ago, and it worked fine until our Borough Council decided to waste more taxpayer money ruining it so that it can be built again.

This time, the plans are more grandiose, and far exceed the health-care and benefits costs provided to municipal employees, or the several new cops hired over the past year, or the patronage job given to the one whose daddy agreed to settle a law suit and retire so that his son got a cushy job that he didn’t earn for himself.

No, this time, the plans include a more significant waste of taxpayer money on more crap the borough doesn’t need.  We had a park, now we have a money pit.

It was recently reported that the cost of methane gas extraction and monitoring is going to cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and will likely go on for many, many years.

Strap yourself in, this is going to to be a rough ride–for us, but not for the contractors and politicians.  They win, we lose.

Here’s how the money pit looks today:

Westwood NJ Money Pit, or Westvale Park.

Reverse 911 is a Joke and/or We Are Idiots.

It’s raining heavily outside; places that are prone to flooding might actually flood.  Did you need a phone call to tell you that?

Only if you’re an idiot.

It’s snowing heavily outside; the roads might be slippery and you should be careful if you leave the house to drive.  Did you need a phone call to tell you that?

Only if you’re an idiot.

A bear was spotted somewhere in Westwood; you should be careful not to approach any bears that you may see.  Did you need a phone call to tell you that?

Only if you’re an idiot.

Reverse 911 is a joke.

Reverse 911 is a waste of taxpayer money.

Free Money! (or, Take Our Money … Please).

Recession?  Depression?

Naw, not in Westwood, New Jersey 07675.

Westwood, NJ has money to give away.  Bring your own dump truck.

Let’s start with Westvale Park, the “park” installed on top of the recently-capped landfill.  Perhaps you’ll remember that the capping was completed only 2 or 3 years ago.  There was nice grass planted there, a bike path installed, and tons of signs (for which our Sign City gets its name) stuck everywhere.  After all these years, it was finally all said and done.

Guess what?  Only two years later, Westvale Park is being renovated!  Yippee, SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!  Just two years old, and it needs a renovation.  Now that’s longevity.

Oh, but “renovation” belies the real intent for this capped landfill.  The park is actually being “repurposed.”  Sort of like when Westwood repurposed Veterans’ Memorial Park to create an insulting terror memorial.

As for the Westvale Park repurposing, Westwood Borough really wants to install sports fields, bleachers, concession stand, bathrooms, and lights, all for the great bargain price of over $2.5 million!!!  Did we get such a good deal on craigslist???

If you go down to Westvale park today (the landfill that was capped two years ago, graded, and had a healthy coat of grass on it), you would find that the grass is gone, and the land is a mess as it is being re-graded.  Oh, and the current workers have pierced the landfill cap, and now that has to be repaired (to the tune of a whopping $140,000).  That’s right, in Westwood the motto is “you break it, and we’ll pay you to fix it!”

Wow, what a great use of taxpayer money–take a perfectly fine landfill “park” that just needed to sit there for all eternity, and utilize it as a taxpayer money pit by ripping it apart to install yet another sports facility in its place.  I guess the half-dozen sports facilities in the Borough of Westwood are not good enough.  Now we need fields built on the worst possible place to put athletic fields–a recently-capped landfill in a 2-square mile borough.

Newsflash!  Landfills undergo subsidence for many years, causing the ground to frequently sink and shift.  Our landfill park/athletic facility will need to be re-graded about every two years, costing tens of thousands of dollars each time.  Without regular re-grading, your kids will be exposed to frequent danger of foot, knee, and other bodily injuries posed by the randomly uneven ground.  This is a money pit of enormous proportions for our tiny borough. 

Best thing to do with Westvale Park: plant grass and just leave it as much–needed open space.

But that’s not all!!!  Westwood also wants to use the surplus from the school renovation referendum (remember there were three failed referendum attempts) to upgrade athletic facilities for the high school.  The surplus will not cover the cost, so the taxpayers will have to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars for that project.

Geez, one would think that we care more about sports than anything else in this tiny 2- square mile borough.  All this, in a time of tightening budgets.  Westwood doesn’t know how to cut costs, it just knows how to spend.

So, back up the Brinks truck, Westwood has got a lot of money to give away.