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Stop using google, it sucks ass.

Election interference, censorship, closely working with communist governments, treason. There are so many reasons not to use google. Find out how google broke its own search engine.

Google offers censorship and paid links.
Google offers censorship and paid links.

Instead of crappy google, try a free speech alternative search engine like www.duckduckgo.com.

DuckDuckGo, a pretty good free speech search engine.
DuckDuckGo, a pretty good free speech search engine.

Liberal technocrat censorship is treason.

The traitors at Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook censor opinions they disagree with. How’s that for desperation? Hopefully, all the traitors will be rounded up and executed in public. Until then, we all need to abandon these platforms and delete their software, or use their platforms against them. Let’s bankrupt the liberal traitor technocrats into oblivion!

Google Engages in Communism, Censorship, UnAmerican Globalism, and Spying on Everything You Do.

The evil Google has already been shown to censor voices it disagrees with, especially conservative voices. They broke their own search engine to manipulate the masses in widespread election fraud!!

Google refuses to work with the US government on AI, but is developing the same with the Communist Chinese government.

Google is developing a censored search engine for Communist China. This is integrated with a social score to track every citizen.

Google’s mission is to spy on everything you do on the internet, to sell you out to a globalist overlord for enslavement.

Break from the mind control programming, think for yourself, reclaim your privacy, STOP USING GOOGLE.

Don’t take our word for the above. Do some research of your own. Mainstream media is working with Google to keep the truth from you. Seek out the truth for yourself. It is out there!!

And use a search engine that does not track your activity or spy on its users, like DuckDuckGo.

Fuck Google. Fuck it up the ass with a rusty, globalist shoehorn.

Who Cares About Confederate Statues When Slaveholders are on Your Money?

Here’s some shocking news for all you idiots who want to rewrite history by removing Confederate statues: George Washington was a slaveholder for 56 years!!!

So yeah, guessing that you will want to get rid of all those dollars and quarters with Washington’s portrait on them, won’t you?

Confederate flag.Oh wait, throw away those twenty dollar bills too.  Andrew Jackson was a slaveholder!!!

Slavery is part of US history that you can’t rewrite or hide from, no matter how many monuments you tear down and destroy.

So go ahead, throw your money away.  White men will make more.

George Orwell - 1984.