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Pictures of Hurricane Irene in Westwood, NJ.

Didn’t get enough of hurricane Irene?  Here are a few exclusive pictures of the hurricane’s aftermath that you won’t see anywhere else.  All photos taken on August 28, 2011 (8/28/11) and copyright

Hurricane Irene, Westwood (8/28/11).

Musquapsink Brook overflows as it passes under Kinderkamack Road on 8/28/11.

Hurricane Irene, Westwood (8/28/11).

Musquapsink Brook overflows onto Old Hook Road on 8/28/11.

Hurricane Irene, Westwood (8/28/11).

Musquapsink Brook floods Old Hook Road and side street on 8/28/11.

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PSE&G Sucks.

Luckily, the regional headquarters of has been replete with electricity for the duration, and aftermath, of hurricane Irene.  However, as early as 8am this morning, numerous neighborhoods throughout Westwood, and throughout the Pascack Valley, have experienced extended electricity outages.

This sent many people in low-lying areas scrambling for generators to power the sump pumps to keep their homes from flooding.  Eleven hours later, electricity still has not been restored.

There were no significant reports of high winds in the region overnight, yet PSE&G couldn’t do the most important thing it is charged with doing–keep the electricity flowing.

Do you live in a neighborhood which lost power today?  Does your neighborhood have those useless solar panels flying high on the poles?  We had a sunny afternoon in Westwood.  Why wasn’t the solar panel sending power to your home?  Because PSE&G’s solar panels do nothing.

For all of you who fell prey to PSE&G’s public disservice today, we will use a bit of our own electricity to send out a message on your behalf: