Monthly Archives: May 2007

Motorcycle Noise.

It’s a quality of life issue: motorcycle noise.  You know, those loud motorcycles that are illegally modified to make excessive noise.  It’s the type of contraption only a brain-dead individual would own; one would have to be brain-dead to make a road vehicle louder.

Illegal motorcycle exhaust modifications impact everyone in at least a quarter-mile radius from the offending vehicle.  Many of these noise machines are found driving around Westwood and the Pascack Valley every day.  Why won’t the police enforce the local noise ordinances as well as the NHTSA and EPA regulations on motorcycle emissions??

It is a disturbing reality that Westwood’s overstaffed and overpaid cops turn a blind eye to quality of life issues like excessive noise emanating from illegally-modified motorcycles on local roads.

by Mr. Westwood