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The cops can’t help you.

In any real emergency, the cops won’t be there in time to help. 

Get armed, get trained, defend yourself. 

All humans should have the right to defend their lives with deadly force when necessary. 


The cops can’t help you, but you can help yourself. 

Who Cares About Confederate Statues When Slaveholders are on Your Money?

Here’s some shocking news for all you idiots who want to rewrite history by removing Confederate statues: George Washington was a slaveholder for 56 years!!!

So yeah, guessing that you will want to get rid of all those dollars and quarters with Washington’s portrait on them, won’t you?

Confederate flag.Oh wait, throw away those twenty dollar bills too.  Andrew Jackson was a slaveholder!!!

Slavery is part of US history that you can’t rewrite or hide from, no matter how many monuments you tear down and destroy.

So go ahead, throw your money away.  White men will make more.

George Orwell - 1984.

“Trans” is Not a Gender, It’s a Mental Illness.

June has become known as (Gay) Pride Month.  Let your freak flag fly!

But let’s get one thing straight (pun intended): Trans is not a gender, it is a mental illness.

It may be the only mental illness in which the treatment is to convince the patients that their delusions are true and that their physical and biological realities are false.

Recently, there has even been a push to pass legislation to force the sane people of this country to acknowledge the warped reality of the trans- mentally ill.  Such madness must stop.

Westwood DPW Superintendent Rick Woods attaches the LGBT Pride flag to the front of Westwood borough hall to begin Pride month on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Westwood DPW Superintendent Rick Woods attaches the LGBT Pride flag to the front of Westwood borough hall to begin Pride month on Thursday, June 1, 2017. (Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran/

An overwhelming majority of humans (ignoring rare defects) are born either male or female.  This is a biological fact established at the cellular level in one’s chromosomes.  This fact can never change, no matter how mentally ill one is.

Beyond the cellular level, more overt indicators of human gender exist, the genitalia being most significant.  Mutilating one’s genitalia will never convert one to a new gender, no matter how mentally ill one is.

A trans-woman will never mother a child as a woman can, and a trans-man will never father a child as a man can.  The misuse of science and technology to create these trans-creatures is just offensive science fiction.

While these trans-people may very well be gay, the “T” in LGBT needs its own separate honorary month: a mental illness month.  Get these people the help that they need, but don’t lump them in with perfectly sane gay folks and don’t try to change the sane world around the trans- to reinforce their delusions.

Trans Explanation.

Bergen Brookside Flatbed Wrecker Unsafe Driver Runs a Stop Sign and Almost Takes Out a Car.

On 5/31/2017 at about 4:25 pm on Fourth Ave. headed northeast @ the intersection with Ackerman Ave. in Westwood/Emerson, NJ, a Bergen Brookside flatbed wrecker (plate no. XDZ A80) runs a stop sign and almost takes out a car. If you need a tow truck/wrecker in the Pascack Valley, PLEASE DO NOT CALL Bergen Brookside. We don’t need their dangerous drivers in our community.

Notice that in attempting to run the stop sign, the unsafe driver was also cutting off two cars coming in the opposite direction.


ALERT: Westwood Ave. Closed Due to MVA. 

As of about 9pm, a motor vehicle accident in the westbound lane of Westwood Ave. has caused the avenue to be closed to traffic.

It may take a couple of hours to clear the road.

Motor vehicle accident, Westwood Ave.

Motor vehicle accident, Westwood Ave.

ALERT: Kinderkamack Road Closed South of Old Hook.

There is an ongoing motor vehicle accident investigation between Lester Ave. and the cemetery, just north of the Emerson border (as of about 9:30 am).  It appears that a pedestrian was hit by a car.The investigation may take several hours.  Avoid the area, the road is closed at this location. Check back for updates.

  • 10:08 am: Prosecutor’s investigative team arrives’
  • 12:10 pm: Vehicle removed and road opened to northbound traffic only;
  • 12:15 pm: road opened to traffic in both directions.
Pedestrian hit 4/29/17.

Pedestrian hit 4/29/17.


Westwood, NJ Architect Vincent Cioffi Found Liable of Consumer Fraud.

A proof hearing took place at the Bergen County Courthouse on March 7, 2013 in a case where architect Vincent J. Cioffi of 123 Westwood Avenue, Westwood, NJ defaulted on February 25, 2013 by failing to show up in court.  Cioffi again failed to show up in court on March 7th.

Westwood architect Vincent Cioffi (right).

Westwood architect Vincent Cioffi (right).

The proofs showed that Cioffi was retained by an elderly gentleman to provide architectural services in connection with a Zoning Board Application.  The application involved the construction of a first floor half-bath to provide comfort for the gentleman’s wife, who had developed asthma and knee problems that make it difficult for her to climb stairs.  The house that the couple have lived in for the past 40 years has only one bathroom on the second floor.

The proofs reflect that Cioffi took advance payment for his services, and then, after providing some token drafting work, abruptly stopped communicating with the plaintiff.  At some point Cioffi promised to refund the plaintiff’s money and documents, but failed to do so.

The court found that Cioffi breached his contract with the plaintiff, in addition to violating the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.  The court found Cioffi liable for triple damages and costs.


Westwood, NJ Architect Vincent Cioffi Accused of Consumer Fraud.

Hackensack court records indicate that a lawsuit was filed on February 6, 2013 against architect Vincent J. Cioffi of 123 Westwood Avenue, Westwood, New Jersey. The Complaint alleges breach of contract, breach of implied at law covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and violation of New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

According to the Complaint, the complainant, a senior citizen, prepaid Cioffi money for the first phase of an architectural services project for work at his residence in November, 2012. The Complaint alleges that Cioffi subsequently failed to provide the complainant with any usable services or work product as an architect, failed to confer any benefit on complainant, and failed or refused to communicate with the complainant.

Westwood architect Vincent Cioffi (right).

Westwood architect Vincent Cioffi (right).

The Complaint also alleges that Cioffi later represented to the complainant in January, 2013 that he would return the complainant’s money, but failed to do so.

The Complaint further alleges that Cioffi came recommended to the complainant by the Chairman of the Westwood Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Westwood Borough website identifies its Zoning Board Chairman as William Martin.

Court records indicate that Cioffi defaulted on February 25, 2013 by failing to show up in Court.