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Bergen County Buffoons Sabotage Westwood Traffic with Unauthorized Work.

It’s bad enough that County buffoons came into Westwood the other day and leaked tar from a truck all over Kinderkamack Road. You can still see the dirty stains on the roads, and probably a lot of it is stuck to the underside of your car.

But today’s shenanigans takes the cake. This morning, for more than an hour, at least two County road trucks were parked at the intersection of Old Hook and Kinderkamack Roads. There was nobody directing traffic, no cones or safety devices, just large trucks blocking the busiest intersection in Westwood during a peak time of day!! This work in this unsafe manner is surely NOT AUTHORIZED.

We’ve never seen such a dangerous traffic situation handled with such a casual lack of concern.

The fools bailed from the scene once our reporter’s camera started rolling. See for yourself: