Seeking Pro Bono NJ Civil Rights Attorney.

We are currently seeking a pro bono civil rights/criminal attorney in NJ to:

  1. handle an appeal of a municipal court conviction on a trivial non-moving violation in which judicial misconduct during trial is clearly documented on the record–see recent posts;
  2. prepare/file a judicial ethics complaint related to same;
  3. prepare/file suit against a NJ municipality for corrupt judicial practices (documented on the record in open court)resulting in violation of civil rights;
  4. prepare/file criminal and/or civil charges against a municipal court judge for official misconduct (** Please note that judges DO NOT enjoy absolute immunity against criminal prosecution while acting in their official capacities. For example, see Office of Attorney General news release dated 6/4/2010 regarding former chief justice of the New Jersey Municipal Court, Wanda Molina, pleading guilty to fixing parking tickets).

Please respond via  We will put you in touch with the victim of judicial terrorism.

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