How to Block Harassing Reverse 911 Calls.

Perhaps you have an unlisted phone number and were surprised to find out that Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911 called you anyway.

Perhaps you were asleep at 1:10 am on 8/23/10 when Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911 woke you and your family with a phone call to say that it was raining heavily and that, guess what, areas prone to flooding were likely to flood!

Perhaps the idea of the waste of taxpayer money on unnecessary services such as a phone call from Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911 just really pisses you off.

Whatever your reason, here’s how to stop the harassing reverse 911 calls.  Most phone services offer to block incoming phone calls from specific numbers for free.  In this age of digital communication, the consumer often gets direct control over this action without a middle-man.  The following describes how to block unwanted phone calls using Cablevision’s Optimum Voice interface.

First, log in to your Optimum Voice account.

Next, select the tab marked “Features > Block Unwanted Calls.”

Block Reverse 911 Calls.

At the bottom of the “Block Unwanted Calls” page, you will find a place to input specific phone numbers to block.

Block Reverse 911 Calls.

If you wanted to block Westwood’s Money Pit Reverse 911, for instance, you would enter (201) 403-9565.  Update 10/31/2012: new Reverse-911 number is 973-718-7763.

Hit the “Submit” button at the bottom to confirm changes, and you are done.  No more harassing phone calls.

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  1. New Westwood Reverse-911 number is 973-718-7763.

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