Reverse 911: Right vs. Wrong.

The right way to do Reverse 911:

  • contract with a reputable and FREE service like;
  • solicit interested residents to sign up for free;
  • issue alerts, as necessary, to those who register;
  • congratulate yourself on a no-brainer decision.

The Westwood, NJ  way (aka the “Wrong Way”) to do Reverse 911:

  • waste countless hours investigating a contract with C3 to provide Reverse 911 service;
  • waste tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to contract with C3;
  • demonstrate your ignorance and generate ill-will by issuing frivolous and harassing alerts to all residents, even those not interested in being included, simply to justify the huge expense;
  • feel like a dumbass for being a dumbass.

Yup, the Westwood way is much better!  ; )


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