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No Confidence in Dirty USR Municipal Court Judge Harry Norton, Jr.

Corrupt Upper Saddle River Municipal Court judge Harry Norton, Jr. has brought disgrace and disrepute upon the NJ judiciary when on 5/22/18, Dirty Harry Norton contradicted the court rules regarding pretrial discovery in order to improperly orchestrate the disadvantage of a pro se defendant.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

Said defendant previously tried to have the corrupt Harry Norton, Jr. removed from hearing the case, knowing that Dirty Harry was sure to improperly engage in prejudicial conduct.

However, the corrupt Dirty Harry Norton refused to recuse himself in spite of numerous ethics complaints filed against Norton by the defendant alleging harassment, intimidation, and bullying, among other misconduct, including fabricating evidence.

The defendant’s suspicions were realized when Dirty Harry Norton violated the defendant’s civil right to a fair trial by lying about the court rules and denying the defendant the right to introduce ANY EVIDENCE at trial.

Therefore, Dirty Harry Norton has engaged in official misconduct with an intent to obstruct justice, and the public at large cannot have any confidence in a judge or court which has zero moral or ethical authority.

Dirty Harry Norton must be removed from public employment as a judge, and permanently barred from the same.

We are seeking a pro bono NJ attorney to file civil and criminal suits against Dirty Harry Norton and Upper Saddle River on behalf of the whistleblower involved.

We have a long paper trail establishing Norton’s misconduct throughout the pretrial phase of this municipal court case. Finally, we have an official record of proof demonstrating the collusion between Dirty Harry Norton and dirty attorney Brian Giblin, Sr. to fabricate a fictitious story of pretrial discovery to orchestrate the disadvantage of the pro se defendant. These two brazen idiots engaged in misconduct in open court and on the record, making prosecution quite simple.

Let’s get these two corrupt losers off the streets and lock them up behind bars with the rest of the criminals where they belong!!!

Don’t let these two impotent limp-dick wimps use your tax dollars to destroy justice and liberty in America. These two losers are traitors to US law, and must be prosecuted accordingly to send a sure message to the other criminal animals throughout our criminal justice system.

Stand up and fight the tyranny of corrupt judges and prosecutors!! Expose the misconduct to the light of day!! Don’t allow the criminals in power to persist!! STOP THE CORRUPTION!!

Harry D. Norton, Jr. is corrupt!! Dirty Harry Norton has no moral or ethical authority. He must be removed from power. He must be stopped!!

Upper Saddle River Municipal Court Judge Harry D. Norton, Jr is Too Stupid or Too Corrupt to Know the Court Rules.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

People can’t help but question what it means when a supposedly experienced municipal court judge brazenly contradicts the NJ Court Rules in open court and on the record.

Is the judge crazy? Is the judge drunk with power? Is the judge seeking retaliation against a defendant who filed multiple ethics complaints against that judge?

The fact that anyone has to ask those questions means that the judge is doing something VERY WRONG. This is exactly the case with Upper Saddle River Municipal Court judge Harry D. Norton, Jr.

Dirty Harry Norton seems to be completely misinformed about court rules regarding a prosecutor’s request for discovery from a defendant.  Rule 7:7-7(c) states:

Discovery by the State. In all cases, the municipal prosecutor or the private prosecutor in a cross complaint case, on written notice to the defendant, shall be provided with copies of all relevant material… (emphasis added)

Now listen to dirty Harry Norton say the exact opposite in court on 5/22/2108:

Dirty Harry Norton incorrectly states that the prosecutor does “not have to make a request for discovery.” Dirty Harry did not let the defendant enter the evidence in an overt effort to undermine the defendant’s defense and orchestrate the defendant’s disadvantage.  This appears to be N.J.S. 2C:30-2A (Official Misconduct):

A public servant is guilty of official misconduct when, with purpose to … injure or to deprive another of a benefit:

a. He commits an act relating to his office but constituting an unauthorized exercise of his official functions, knowing that such act is unauthorized or he is committing such act in an unauthorized manner.

Why would a geezer judge risk his entire career by openly and brazenly violating a defendant’s rights? Is it because there is no accountability in the NJ judiciary?  Is it because the ACJC simply exists so obfuscate claims of judicial misconduct?

The answer is YES.

Upper Saddle River Police are Targeting Jews.

Unlike most North Jersey municipal courts that are disproportionately filled with various minority defendants who are mostly black and hispanic, the Upper Saddle River (USR) Municipal Court (New Jersey) is filled with JEWS.  Need proof? Head over to the USR Municipal Court which meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 5:00 pm.

How does this happen? It seems likely that the USR police department is targeting and ticketing Jews who drive through the municipality. How can the USR cops know that a motorist is a Jew? Just go to court, they’re easy to spot.

All of this implies that the USR police chief Patrick Rotella, USR municipal court judge Harry D. Norton Jr., municipal court prosecutor Michael Kingman, and the boro council who employs the aforementioned are all complicit in this racial/religious bias targeting.

If you are a Jew driving through Upper Saddle River, NJ, you should know that you have a giant target on you.  You might want to avoid driving through USR.

The aforementioned USR people/entities are turds.