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USR Municipal Court Judge Harry D. Norton, Jr. Caught on Tape Lying in Court.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

Dirty NJ judge Harry D. Norton Jr.

The Upper Saddle River Municipal Court judge is an outright liar and an unethical douche who clearly engages in numerous ethics violations while acting as a judge.

While impersonating a judge in USR municipal court on 5/22/2018, Harry D. Norton, Jr. was caught on tape lying. Norton told a defendant that discovery evidence had to be presented to the prosecutor regardless of whether a discovery request had been made or not.  In this case, the prosecutor did not make a discovery request, and Harry D. Norton, Jr. took that as an opportunity to violate the defendant’s rights and orchestrate the defendant’s disadvantage.

Court rules clearly state that the prosecutor must make a discovery request in writing.

Harry D. Norton, Jr. was caught on tape willfully lying about the nature of discovery.  Listen to the tape and judge for yourself.

The lying scumbag clearly states “you do not have to make a request for discovery.”

WRONG, dirty Harry ASSHOLE. Don’t you wonder if his son knows what a scumbag he is? Or, is his son a scumbag like dirty Harry Norton is?

This ethics violation and the violation of the defendant’s civil rights is clear and willful.  We are calling for the removal of Upper Saddle River Municipal Court judge from the bench and for him to be permanently barred from public employment.

The aforementioned documented misconduct by Norton appears consistent with the criminal offense enumerated in N.J.S. 2C:30-2A (Official Misconduct).
(** Please note that judges DO NOT enjoy absolute immunity against criminal prosecution while acting in their official capacities. For example, see Office of Attorney General news release dated 6/4/2010 regarding former chief justice of the New Jersey Municipal Court, Wanda Molina, pleading guilty to fixing parking tickets).

Upper Saddle River Police are Targeting Jews.

Unlike most North Jersey municipal courts that are disproportionately filled with various minority defendants who are mostly black and hispanic, the Upper Saddle River (USR) Municipal Court (New Jersey) is filled with JEWS.  Need proof? Head over to the USR Municipal Court which meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 5:00 pm.

How does this happen? It seems likely that the USR police department is targeting and ticketing Jews who drive through the municipality. How can the USR cops know that a motorist is a Jew? Just go to court, they’re easy to spot.

All of this implies that the USR police chief Patrick Rotella, USR municipal court judge Harry D. Norton Jr., municipal court prosecutor Michael Kingman, and the boro council who employs the aforementioned are all complicit in this racial/religious bias targeting.

If you are a Jew driving through Upper Saddle River, NJ, you should know that you have a giant target on you.  You might want to avoid driving through USR.

The aforementioned USR people/entities are turds.